Ayurvedic Spa &
Rejuvenation Center

Erode SKM Siddha Ayurvedha Hospital is successfully treating patients for the last 25 years. Below said medical services are provided to the patients under the strict supervision of siddha and ayurveda physicians.

Provides Training for Doctors

To improve the quality of treatment SKM provides training courses (Vaidya Amrutham) for junior doctors who have completed their UG & PG course. This course helps the junior residents to understand deep knowledge about Ayurveda,Siddha, special treatment modalities and to gain confidence in their medical practice with SKM Medical Practices.

Our Features

Our Hospital is Situated at serene atmosphere has deluxe rooms with all modern facilities. we have both Air - conditioning, & Non-air-conditioned rooms for your stay .We provide healthy diet as prescribed by in house doctors which consists herbal juices, fruits and vegetables. Daily yoga & meditation classes as part of our treatment package. Naturopathy & Yoga treatments available.

Ayurvedic Therapies

ABHYANGAM (General Body Massage)

  • Full body massage with herbal oils.
  • Strengthens our body and mind.
  • Reduces blood pressure, promotes good sleep.
  • Rejuvenates our body and mind acts as a good Aphrodisiac.

MUKHA LEPAM (Herbal Facial Treatment)

  • Prevents pimples and wrinkles.
  • Makes the skin soft, young and glowing.

PADASEVA (Pedicure)

  • Keeps our feet pretty looking Improves nail-helath.
  • Heals cracks and moisturizes our feet.

HASTASEVA (Manicure)

  • Improves blood circulation & reduces wrinkles.
  • Damages in nails like fragile bps can be prevented.
  • Hangnails are removed SHIRO ABHYANGAM (Special Head Massage).
  • Reduce stress and anxiety Calm sensory overloads.
  • Improves sleep patterns Ease frustration and boost mental.

SHIRO ABHYANGAM (Special Head Massage)

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Calm sensonry overloads.
  • Improve sleep patterns.
  • Ease frustration and boost mental.


  • Drwas imputirities out of our body.
  • Acts as an Aura Cleanser.

Our Pricing

Our Facilities

Our team comprising of International Concierges, Interpreters, Billing Assistance and other associated non-medical staff are all trained to provide assistance efficiently.

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