Stress Relief

Stress can be defined as a physiological reaction of the body in response to a physical and psychological demand to challenging situations. When stress is more it may disturb your daily routines.Our program starts with a private consultation and an individualized assessment of the participant. Thus the therapist can design a personalized treatment that achieves your goals. All meals are prepared daily according to your personal constitution.Throughout the program, the day begins with a yoga or meditation class that will help to improve the benefits of your treatment. Ayurvedic massage that will helps to improve the memory and intellect. Yoga is the ideal way to complement the process of improvement.Through this program in our Chikitchaalaya we hope to inspire and help you in the future to follow a healthy daily routine that provides you the vitality, strength and balance necessary throughout your daily life.


Stress is simply a fact of nature -- forces from the inside or outside world affecting the individual. The individual responds to stress in ways that affect the individual as well as their environment. Because of the overabundance of stress in our modern lives, we usually think of stress as a negative experience, but from a biological point of view, stress can be a neutral, negative, or positive experience. In general, stress is related to both external and internal factors. External factors include the physical environment, including your job, your relationships with others, your home, and all the situations, challenges, difficulties, and expectations you're confronted with on a daily basis. Internal factors determine your body's ability to respond to, and deal with, the external stress-inducing factors. Internal factors which influence your ability to handle stress include your nutritional status, overall health and fitness levels, emotional well-being, and the amount of sleep and rest you get.


yoga meditation relaxation can help de-stress the body. Many times, the body is uptight and stressed out from the stress of the day and all the things that make life difficult. When you practice yoga and mediation, you will find that your stress level decreases as you continue to use these methods to relax. The positions of yoga will gently stretch your body and then allow your muscles to relax and meditation will help you to get away from the pressures and problems in your life that keep you stressed. By adding these simple meditation relaxation techniques into our daily lives we will feel less stressed and be able to deal with stress better. Relaxation techniques are important in managing stress.

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